Local cuisine

The cuisine of Paredes de Coura, reflects the culinary traditions of the Minho region. The food in Paredes de Coura is generally rich in traditional flavours and uses fresh local ingredients.


Here are some typical dishes and ingredients from Paredes de Coura gastronomy:

Sarrabulho Rice: This is a typical Minho dish and is also enjoyed in Paredes de Coura. It is made with rice, pig blood, pork, bacon, onion, garlic, paprika and other seasonings. The result is a rich and flavoursome dish.

Roasted goat: Roasted goat is a common delicacy in the region and is often prepared with aromatic herbs, garlic and olive oil, resulting in soft and tasty meat.

Bacalhau à Coura: Cod is a much-loved ingredient in Portuguese cuisine. In Paredes de Coura, it can be prepared in several ways, but “Bacalhau à Coura” is a popular option. It is made with cod, onion, garlic, olive oil, peppers and other seasonings.

Rojoada: This is a meat dish that involves pieces of pork slowly cooked in red wine with garlic, onion and spices. The result is tender, flavoursome meat with a rich sauce.

Cornbread: Cornbread is a traditional type of bread in the region, made mainly from corn and rye flour. It is a common accompaniment to many local dishes.

Vinho Verde: The Minho region, where Paredes de Coura is located, is known for the production of Vinho Verde. This wine is light, fresh and slightly effervescent, making it a popular choice to accompany local food.

Traditional Sweets: We cannot forget traditional sweets, such as crème milk, rabanadas, donuts, among others, which are often enjoyed as desserts.

In addition to these specific dishes, it is important to mention that gastronomy in Paredes de Coura can vary throughout the seasons, with seasonal dishes that take advantage of fresh ingredients available at different times. Local cuisine is an important part of the region’s culture and tradition, and local restaurants offer a wonderful opportunity to experience these authentic flavours.

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